South America


South America 5 Senses welcomes you to Colombia!

A country where each experience is both indescribable and fascinating.

A land of dreamers and unforgettable experiences, where the ocean and the snow coexist in the same place; where the leafy landscapes and the thick rivers described by history and the great literary works are filled with sighs at the expense of their visitors.

A strategic location in the heart of the American continent, on the equator, makes Colombia the gateway to South America. A paradise of 365 days, accompanied by a tropical climate in which there are no seasons, but contrasts and biodiversity to test your imagination.

In Colombia rhythm is in the blood. It is a country that makes you vibrate with its emotions, where you can choose the destination of your preference.

In each of the regions there is a different rhythm to do what you like best. Adventure tourism, relaxation in the Caribbean Sea, multiple cultural activities, the best gastronomy, so that you can make your trip an unforgettable experience.

Discover the landscapes and natural treasures of Colombia. Feel the vibrations produced by the warm or cold wind on your skin; travel through vast plains and leafy mountains, overflowing with species of fauna and flora; immerse yourself in imposing jungles, where trees seem to caress the sky; visit majestic oceans, abundant in species, colors and magic. Find out why these landscapes inspire flavor and how you can become part of it.

The risk is that you want to stay

For nature and extreme sports lovers, the three mountain ranges of the Colombian Andes are an excellent setting for climbing or hiking trails. For water sports, the Caribbean Sea, the Pacific Coast or the lakes and reservoirs in the interior of the country, are the best scenarios.

The Coffee Triangle is the heart of the famous Colombian coffee, a region that includes the departments of Quindio, Risaralda and Caldas. It has a tourist offer based on tradition and the conservation of its landscapes and coffee traditions. It is possible to stay in beautiful haciendas in the middle of the immense coffee plantations, live the process of production of the bean, as well as enjoy theme parks around the coffee culture.

Colombian gastronomy is as varied as its regions, fruit of the mestizaje, and enriched with the ethnic and cultural contributions of the indigenous people, Spaniards, Africans, and Arabs.

Cartagena de Indias, San Andres and Santa Marta are the cities of the Colombian Caribbean where the cruises of the main international shipping companies arrive and allow the passengers to disembark to know the beauty of these coastal places, to taste the best of the local gastronomy, to visit the historical places and to make purchases.

Colombia is known for the warmth and happiness of its people. Such condition is reflected in the daily routines, but mainly in its festivals. That is why no matter what month of the year you travel, you will always have incredible places to go and activities to develop in the company of incredible colors, dances, people and types of music.

Tourism in this country is experiencing an unprecedented boom and is already the second most important source of foreign exchange after the hydrocarbon and oil business, displacing traditional industries such as coffee and bananas. In five years, the number of visitors to Colombia went from one million to over six million, according to official numbers.

Our office is ready to help you realize that desire to discover this generous country.

Without a doubt, touring Colombia becomes an experience that your five senses will remember.


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