North Africa


Tunisia 5 Senses welcomes you!

There are thousands of things to discover in each region of Tunisia: landscapes of great contrast, 1,250 km of coastline full of islands and archipelagoes, traditions and customs very varied, a great historical legacy.

In addition to the extensive offer of leisure, relaxation and cultural tourism Tunisia also has much to offer tourism and adventure lovers.

What to do in Tunisia?

Beaches. Its beautiful beaches shine on the 1,400 kilometers of Mediterranean coast.

Routes through the desert. In the south are the sand dunes of the Sahara, salt lakes and places used for films such as Star Wars or the English Patient. In the north, the mountains are maintained in cork forests, while the Cap Bon peninsula and central Tunisia are rich in fruit trees, olive groves and vineyards.
Health – spas Many of the spas have been used for this purpose since Roman and Public times. The facilities are staffed by specialized staff and have treatments for rheumatism, arthritis or circulatory problems.
– Things to know: Although Tunisia is an Islamic country, alcohol is not prohibited. Tunisia produces a variety of tasty table wines, sparkling wines, beers, snacks and local spirits.
– Sports. While Tunisia has earned a justified reputation for beautiful beaches and sparkling clean seas, with mild weather throughout the year, this blessed land is also a paradise for sporting activities.



. Sports such as golf, tennis, diving, hunting, surfing, sailing, hiking are all year round its attractions.

In case some sports are not available at your hotel, clubs or companies provide additional services. For amateur services, these clubs can offer initiation courses at a very reasonable price and some may rent the necessary equipment.

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