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Jordan is a distant and exotic country located in the Middle East, Asia. Arab influences are reflected in its architecture and touristic sites, which are lined by a tradition that encloses a mystical and surprising atmosphere.

Its tourist influx is quite favorable to its economy, especially around its ancestral sites as well as religious temples and cultural spaces.

Travelling to Jordan is an experience worthy of being on the list of "things to do before dying"... the extension of its territory allows you to discover the jewels that it protects inside: its people, landscapes, gastronomy and historical architecture, make the Land of Hospitality a fascinating country that enchants anyone.

Jordan occupies a large section on the Arabian Peninsula. In the midst of tumultuous nations such as Israel, Iraq and Syria, it has long been regarded as one of the region's rare stable enclaves. A territory full of mind-blowing places that are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and monumental sites of cultural interest, including the ancient Nabatean ruins carved of Petra and the place where Jesus Christ is believed to have been baptized!

Jordan's history goes back to thousands of years, to the time of early humans (archaeological finds have suggested that even Neanderthals roamed this area), and it also reveals its collapsed Roman cities, exquisite Ottoman charm, legendary Persian treasures, as well as Egyptian relics of now-defunct dynasties.

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