Greece 5 Senses welcomes you!


Greece is one of the most impressive countries in Europe, thanks to its vast variety of tourist sites and cultural spaces, which gather much of the history of Ancient Greece, the cradle of Western civilization.
Its landscapes of crystal clear waters and infinite blues, its culture, art, customs and festivities are interspersed with its unique architecture, mythology, and friendly hospitality, forming a dream experience for any tourist.
Greece is an interesting tourist destination that stands out for its  captivating history, which can be found in each and every one of its cities.

Among them, let's mention: Athens, Corfu, Delphi, Crete, Macedonia, Mykonos, Rhodes, Peloponnese and many more.

The Greek people have an ancient tradition among the worldwide travellers and explorers, but also in welcoming and hosting visitors. The architecture changes drastically as does the landscape from an island to another one. The natural products of the land are full of aromas and flavors which are reflected in the high quality of Greek cuisine.
Our experienced, young and dynamic team passionately offers its knowledge of the destination, always looking for the unique and authentic character of the country.


Argyris Angelopoulos